Packing supplies and boxes

Budget Self Storage Moving Supplies

Budget Self Storage offers a full range of moving supplies to help your move go smoothly. From figuring out how many wardrobe boxes you need to pack your closet to how much packing paper you need to wrap your dishes, our self storage experts can help. Visit any Budget Self Storage location and let us make packing for your move as easy and as affordable as possible.

Budget Self Storage


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  • 1.5 cubic foot
  • 2 cubic foot
  • 4 cubic foot
  • 6 cubic foot
  • China box
  • Dish Pack
  • Glass Pack
  • Mirror / Picture
  • Wardrobe Container

Packing Supplies

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Chair Cover
  • Mattress Bag
  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Sofa Cover Easy Wrap
  • Bungee Cords
  • Rope
  • Tape Dispenser Pack
  • Utility Knife
  • Zippy Wrap

Self Storage Supplies

  • Box Buddy
  • Disc Locks
  • Dri-Z-Air
  • Square Locks